Who We Are

LADONN is a lifestyle brand that represents elegance & sophistication through contemporary design. We believe that our creative possibilities are infinite & that anything can be created. It is this ideal that removes all constraints that might limit LADONN to being merely a clothing line. With our team constantly expanding, we will continue to definitively explore all fields of design until the social issues we face today seize to exist.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire. We feel that successful design has the power to reverse poverty stricken minds and create a world of impervious harmony. It is our responsibility to help shift humanity towards its fullest potential within our lifetime. Issues like racism, inner-city hunger, and homelessness will continue to serve as the breeding ground for all innovative ideas/designs brought to the forefront. Help us make the world a better places.         

Our Services 

  • Creative Design Development

  • Product Development/Sourcing

  • Fashion Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Design

  • Photography

  • Publishing