Picture taken of scene where Sandra Bland allegedly “hung herself”, moments after the body was “found” was just released. And of course, no one is buying it.

Police are claiming that Sandra took the trash bag out and tied it to the partition on her shower, and then used it to hang herself with.

Problems with this explanation:

  1. Trash bags/cans are not allowed in jail cells because any lose items are considered a danger to the inmates. If it’s not bolted down to the floor, it’s basically not allowed in a cell
  2. If the police are right and the picture was “taken right after the body was found with no changes made to the scene” then why did they replace the trash bag?
  3. The bag she allegedly used was a “black industrial sized” trash bag, which was not only unlike the white one shown above, but it wouldn’t have been strong enough to hold up her body
  4. The partition she “hung herself” from is shorter than her. Sandra was a little over 6 ft, and the partition was about 5 ft.
  5. There were no lacerations or bruises on her neck consistent with a hanging.


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