(noun, verb) Deemed one of the most beautiful words in the English lexicon for its delicate sound, even the sight of the word love resembles its multi-faceted comforting interpretations. No other word in the English language is more soothing to the eyes and ears than love. It is also one of the few words in the English dictionary with a staggering number of synonyms. Love connotes kindness, kinship, compassion, attraction, affection, desire, attachment, and loyalty among many other feelings. Most importantly love is the biggest theme and motivator represented in art, psychology and literature. Due to this reason, love is said to be the cure for many emotional ailments and the purpose of human survival. It is the one of the few fluid words in the human language, therefore no single concrete definition exists for the word love. Its interpretation is truly personal to the psyche and experience of each individual. It is perhaps the only word that matters in the world. (via wordsnquotes)